Stichting JOS is a non-governmental non-profit organisation, operating as a mobility center for youth and youth workers, focused on raising European awareness about non-formal education as an effective tool for self-development and youth participation.

Our main activities are based on intercultural learning by using a non-formal education and youth programs in order to increase youth participation in international and local context. We have established strong partnerships with NGOs, youth councils, universities, municipalities, startup centers and other institutions all around the Europe.Ngo space was created in 2023 by young youth professionals, youth workers and volunteers. Organization that works with several foundations on a local and international level in frames of non-formal education. Our target group is young people who haven’t yet experienced this kind of projects. Main reason behind creating our NGO was to be a bridge between Dutch youngsters and European society, to help youngsters experience working in international environement, which will help them to see the world from different perspectives, to reevaluate their views on various of topics and help them to develop personally and professionally.
In the field of youth work, the topics that the association plans to carry out for young people in the future:
• Raise awareness of young people for intercultural understanding, Peace & solidarity in Europe.
• Promoting Non-formal education and encourage the participation of young people in European activities through e-learning.
• Strengthen peace and civic education.
• Raise awarenes about healthy lifestyle and it’s importance for the future of mankind.
• Recycling & Reusing for the future of our planet.